Aust 6 Day Race 2003


Fairplay, Goodwill and Sportsmanship


Thanks to George Audley for his invaluable contribution to this page

Pre Start  The Start The Start The Start The Start The Start The Start The Start  

George AudleyWest Australian George Audley  

Brian CollingsBrian Collings from South Africa

Stan Miskin Victorian Veteran Stan Miskin

Andy Lovy American Andy Lovy

Lap Scoring Tent Lap Scoring Tent  

Graeme WattsGraeme Watts

Howard and Jill Neville Howard and Jill Neville  

Stan Miskin and David BillettStan Miskin and David Billett

Jaroslav Kourcerek Kourcerek

George Audley, Andy Lovy and Handlers Team Lovy  

Peter GrayPeter Gray  

Peter Hoskinson and SonPeter Hoskinson

The Winners The Winners


Australian 6-Day Race – 2002 Photos

Australian 6-Day Race – 2001 Photos


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