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This Site is under construction and will be added to in the next few weeks.

It will contain information on how to train, prepare and compete in Ultramarathons as a novice ultramarathoner.  If you have already competed in Ultramarathons and you want more specific information and help, please email me at Phil’s email

I don’t profess to know all the answers in relation to ultramarathoning, but I have been involved in the sport for 12 years and did tap the brains of quite a lot of the Westfield Runners whilst researching the first book that I wrote on the old/now defunct Westfield Run.

This site will also contain my thoughts on how to train for Ultras, how to prepare for an Ultra, competing in Ultras, nutrition, psychology and crewing in Ultras.

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        What’s your Experience?

So you’re a novice Ultra Marathon runner/walker and you want to compete in  an Ultra Marathon.  My first question is Have you ever completed a Marathon as a runner or walker? (you can complete an ultra as a Walker or Runner – As a runner you will end up doing some walking during your first Ultra!). If yes, that is good.  If no, please consider training for and completing a Marathon before you try your first ultra.

For information on marathon training try

For information on marathons and other races leading up to a Marathon in Australia go to

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So you have either completed your first Marathon or you cant wait and you want to go straight to the world of Ultra Marathoning.  Before you even consider training for an Ultra please have a medical appointment and consult with your Doctor. Tell him what you want to do and make sure that he gives you a complete medical clearance

You now have your medical certificate.  It’s time to pick your first Ultra.  An Ultra is any distance over 42.195km and can be on the road, track or trail and can go up to 1000 miles.  For your first ultra I would not do an Ultra over 24hrs in length and I would allow myself to train for the event properly.

For information on Ultras in Australia go to:

For information on Ultras in the rest of the world go to:

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  For ease of effort and to save confusion I have put three different schedules on this page. The first is for 6 hours – 50kms. The second is for 12 hours – 100km.  The third is for 24hours – 200kms.

6 hour – 50km Training Schedule  - To be done

12 hour – 100km Training Schedule - To be done

24hour – 200km Training Schedule  -  - To be done

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Equipment  - To be done

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The Mind  - To be done.


For now I have added some information I received from different runners about the power of the mind in ultra running. Thanks Gents for the information.

  My sporting hero Pat Farmer has told me on several occasions.

"The body needs to be trained for it is 10% of the victory, the mind makes

up the rest". This may not be word for word but it is a good message.

  The mind is indeed the most powerful asset we posses. Most of my friends keep dropping hints that my ego needs to be brought back into reality. Well after many years of studying successful people. Most of those from the business community. I have noticed that those that believe with their hearts truly take action to achieve. There are many out there who think it's a good idea but they don't believe and their actions clearly show this.

  Roger Banister broke the 4 minute mile. It had been there as a barrier for years.

But with in a year of it being broken the record was bettered several times. Why?

To the minds of the athletes there was no longer a barrier there.

  If you believe that you will be the winner than you will take steps to be

the winner. If you don't win 2 things will happen.

1. you will reset your goals to a lower more sedentary position.

or 2. you will look into why you didn't win and improve your position in one

or more ways before the next test.

If you decide on the first choice you are unlikely to win but happier you

may be to be a follower with out the pain.

If you decide on the second choice you will be eager to test your self again

  Now by saying winner I am not necessarily saying winning the race outright

or becoming world champion. I am saying breaking personal bests in physical and environmental conditions at the time.

Memories play a big part in future successes. It's something we wish to have again.

If we can fill our minds with success thoughts rather than failures. We are more likely to achieve.

  Thus if we put the good things in we will get the good things out. GIGO concept.

  Copyright Colin Gowan 2003.

I give Philip James Essam permission to reproduce in full or in part there-of the article above. On the provision that it is used for the purposes of motivation only.

Should it be on-sold for financial gain than I request that Colin-John Dunbar Gowan or inherited owners of the copyright be sent a single copy of all connected articles of publication in the form/s of republication at the minimum expense/s to the reprinter/s, greater than one month before republishing. 

I reserve the right that should I or my children decide that the reproduced art-work is not being reused by the guide lines stated above, than permission to use the above article will be withdrawn immediately.

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Crewing   To be done  

On the Day   To be done

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Kevin Sayers Training Page

Training for the 100 mile Walk  

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Nutrition     To be done      

Article from David Criniti

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  Further Advice and Coaching

I’m currently helping half a dozen Ultra runners around the World of all levels in their training and preparation. If you would like more information on how to prepare for Ultras or individual assistance with training, please email me at  Phil’s email

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