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            Runners will run on the shoulder of the road against the flow of traffic. Sometimes the shoulder is wide and at other times narrow. All roads are open to traffic. Some are quiet and some are very busy indeed. The conditions can change from day to day.




            There are …..daily competitive stages between the Start and Finish.


            Runners will be given details of the individual stages in the Race Handbook which will be available in ample time prior to the start.


                The length of the stages is usually determined by the distance between two Towns.


                There is one stage where there is no town at the end of the stage. This menas that crews will have to drive their runners  from the finish for that day back to the nearest town  and then back again for the Start the next morning. This is inconvenient but cannot be avoided.




            A Route Description of each day’s stage will be handed to runners the day before that stage. In addition turns will be marked on the road. It is the runner’s responsibility (and his/her crew’s) to follow the Route Description.




            Runners must maintain an average speed of ….km per hour for each stage in order to remain in the race. The cutoff time will be given at the start of each Stage and any runner not meeting this time is out of the race.




            None – unless absolutely urgent.




                Is not provided by Race Management It is expected that runners and their crews will be able to treat minor injuries, eg blisters, chafing, inflammation, shinsplints, stomach disorders etc.


                If the runner needs the services of a hospital or doctor the runner and his/her crew are responsible for arranging this. The Race Director will consult with the hospital or doctor to see if in their opinion the runner is fit to continue. The Race Director’s decision regarding this is final.




                Mandatory. No runner will be allowed to start the race (or any stage of the race ) without a crew vehicle and at least one crew member. Caravans are not permitted with crew vehicles.


                Sharing crew vehicles and crew is not permitted unless it’s between one solo runner and  one Relay team. This must be approved prior to the start of the Race.




            To be booked by runners and crew. A list will be provided in advance. Race Management will try and procure sponsorship (as in cheap or free accommodation), prior to the  start of the race in each town, but this should not be taken as a certainty.




            To be able to run ….. plus kms in 14 days  at an average speed of 6.5kms a day, every  solo runner  and relay runner should have some achievements prior to getting accepted into the run. Please state on your entry form what you have achieved in running which will enable you to take part and finish this race.


            As a guide solo runners/walkers should have accomplished one of the following marks:


                Marathon – 3hrs

                100km – 14 hrs

                160km -  24 hrs

                260km -  48 hrs

                500km -   6 Days


                As a guide relay runners/walkers should have accomplished one of the following marks:


                Marathon – 3 ½ hrs

                100km – 16 hrs

                140km -  24 hrs

                230km – 48 hrs


#Please note that any reference to runners throughout this Web page also means walkers as well!




            In a race of this nature pacing is not allowed . If a runner has someone who wants to run with him for all or part of the stage than that other person must run behind the runner at all times.




            In a race of this length and duration it is essential to clarify responsibilities. Race Management will be responsible for organising the Race. Runners are responsible for looking after themselves, before, during and after each day’s run. Runners must provide all their own aid and pay for all their own food and motels/caravan parks.




            The race language is English. Runners who are not fluent in English should enlist a crew person who is. Furthermore, such runners should ensure that this and other documents are translated into their own language so that all contents are fully understood.




            Prizes  are given to the first three placegetters with the lowest total elapsed time. A prize will also be given to the first female ( a 2nd prize if there are four female competitors and a 3rd prize if there are five or more female competitors).


                Every Finisher will receive a Recognition Certificate.


                If the race is fortunate to attract major sponsorship there will also be monetary prizes. This will be finalised and advised prior to the Event starting.




            The maximum number of runners who can be accepted will be 30. If less than 15 runners are accepted by Dec 31st  2002 with a refundable deposit of $……AUD the race will be cancelled and all monies paid will be refunded.





                The entry fee for the run is $…..AUD. This covers the cost of the race organisation, insurance, paperwork, phonecalls, scouting the route, preparing route descriptions, monitoring the race and timing all the runners. There will be at least three race personnel to ensure a well managed race. If the race is fortunate to attract major sponsorship prior to the Event , there will be a reduction in  the entry fee.


                Runners may also utilise the race sponsorship package to get local businesses to pay for their entry fee and costs. The only proviso is that runner’s sponsorship must not be in direct opposition to any sponsorship that the race may attract. The Race Director reserves the right to reject any runner’s sponsorship if he believes it may  contravene against any Race Sponsorship.




            In addition to the cost of the race, the runner will be responsible for paying all his/her own costs  and their crew costs of:


1.                    Accommodation

2.                    Food

3.                    Fuel

4.                  Car rental


It is also advised that all runners/walkers travelling form overseas should take out the necessary travel insurance. AURA or the Race Organisers will not be responsible for any travel problems that may occur.




            The ……….. Ultra requires a long term commitment from everyone involved – runners, crews and organisers. Since only 30 runners can be accepted the sooner you can send in your application, the better. Once your application is accepted you will be able to plan all the other things you need to do before the start.


                The following should be sent to the Race Director no later than 31st Dec  200#:


a.                    A deposit of $……AUD must accompany the initial entry form

b.                   The Entry form

c.                    The Entrant contract, and

d.                   The Accident waiver and Release of Liability / Release of Name and Likeness Form.


 Less than 15 runners accepting at this stage will result in the race being cancelled and all deposits refunded.


The Race Director will consider applications within a few days of receipt and notify the runners by mail. If the runner is not accepted his Deposit will be returned.


Full payment of the Entry Fee ($500Aud minus the $100 AUD deposit) is due on 30th  Jan 03. Except for runners having to withdraw due to illness or injury (proof needed via a medical certificate signed by a Doctor), no deposits or full entry fees  will be refunded up to this stage.


Less than 15 runners accepting  with full entry fee at this stage will result in the race being cancelled and all monies being fully refunded.


The Race Director will consider applications within a few days of receipt and notify the runners by mail. If the runner is not accepted his Deposit will be returned.


Any runners withdrawing after 30th  January  2003 will receive a refund of $250 AUD if they produce a medical certificate signed by a Doctor.





            The Race Handbook will be available on payment of the full Entry Fee and this will set out full details of the Race. Eg actual stage distances and routes, motels etc




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