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These have been designed for the welfare and safety of race participants, race organisers and the general public.


1.        Runners/walkers and crew are considered as one. An infringement of the rules by the crew incurs a penalty on the runner, perhaps even disqualifcation. (any reference to runners in this document also refers to walkers)


2.        All runners and crew must comply with rules and regulations governing ultra races as found in the IAAF and AURA list of rules. (time penalty for infringement and possible disqualification)


3.        Every runner must provide at least one support crew and vehicle. Name of support crew and vehicle registration number to be submitted with entry. International entrants may be given special assistance in providing a crew and vehicle after consultation with race organisers.


4.        Runners must run facing traffic at all times except in some cities where so designated by the Route Descriptions (Time Penalty for infringement.)


5.        Runners must run in single file (not side by side) for safety. Time penalty for infringement.


6.        Runners in the Relay Event will change near as practicable to the half way point of each stage. This will be advised prior to the Stage.


7.        Race numbers must be worn at all times (Time Penalty for infringement).


8.        Runners must finish each stage at an average pace of 6.5km per hour in order to meet the cut-off. A runner missing the cut-off will be disqualified unless special circumstances exist.


9.        Any runner found to be cheating will be disqualified


10.     In the event of a navigational error, the runner must be driven back to the place where the error occurred and must re-commence his/her run from there. No allowance may be made for the distance run in error. The runner must run/walk every step of the course and failure to do so will result in disqualification.


11.     Crew vehicles must display signs on the back saying, “Caution: runners on Road” in at least six inch red letters on a white background. DO NOT put signs on windows. Runners whose crew vehicle does not meet the requirements will not be allowed to start the Race. There will be no refund of Entry Fee if this occurs.


12.     Crews must have a valid Driver’s Licence and, in the case of overseas crews, a valid International Driver’s License. Crew vehicles must be fully insured and this will be checked at the Pre-Race briefing.  Runners whose crew vehicle does not meet the requirements will not be allowed to start the Race. There will be no refund of Entry Fee if this occurs.


13.     Crew vehicles must go ahead of their runner (two kms is recommended) and wait until the runner arrives in order to give aid. No attempts should be made to aid the runner whilst driving next to him. Support vehicle must have hazard lights operating at all times during each stage. Time penalty for each infringement.


14.     Between aid stations crews should drive at highway speed (time penalty for infringement)


15.     To give aid to their runners, crews must park their vehicles completely off the road. On two lane highways, they should park on the Left hand side in the direction the runner is travelling. (Time penalty for infringement). It is strongly recommended that crew cross the road to the runners and not the other way around.


16.     Littering is illegal. Do not litter. (Time penalty for infringement)


17.     Toilet stops. All runners and crew must be a sdiscreet as possible when going to the toilet. At no time  should they expose themselves to the public or other runners or crews. (Time penalty for infringement)


18.     The law  enforcement officers and the general public will judge us as a group. All participants should therefore exhibit good manners at all times. Violence or threats of violence will lead to immediate disqualification. Other infringements of good behaviour will lead to time Penalties.


19.     Neither runners nor crews may consume alcohol or be intoxicated whilst they are competing in a stage (disqualification)


20.     If any driver(crew or runner) is arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol at any time, this will result in the immediate disqualification of the runner.


21.     Neither runners nor crews may use illegal drugs or stimulants during the race or at any time of the race events or activities. Infringement leads to disqualification of the runner.


22.     Race Management may demand a urine sample from any competitors at any time  immediately before during and  immediately after the race. This will be conducted in accordance with IAAF rules. Failure to provide a sample will result in immediate disqualification of the runner.


23.     Runners and crew must obey directions of race management and law enforcement officers. Runners and crew must also obey traffic control lights and signs. Runners and crew must not proceed against a red traffic light or a railway signal warning of approaching train. Runners and crew must also obey directions of any person appearing to be directing traffic in rehards to road repairs or in relation to a traffic accident. Failure to comply could result in a time infringement or disqualification.


24.     Race Management reserve the right to cancel or alter any stage due to weather or other unforseen circumstances.


25.     Any misconduct of any runner crew or person accompanying the runner may result in time penalty or disqualification of the runner.


26.     During the race all runners are to wear clothing capable of rendering them clearly distinguishable to other road users. Bare chest not permitted.  Time penalties for infringements.


27.     Any walkers caught running will be made ineligible for any walking specific awards in the race , but may continue in the race as a runner.


28.     Have fun and keep smiling. (Time Penalty for infringement)


The Race Director’s authority in regard to the above rules(and any new rules) which may be deemed necessary during the race) and their enforcement is absolute and final.


Time Penalties


The Race Director as a result of a runner or his crew breaking one or more of the Race Rules imposes time penalties. The penalties are imposed on the runner on the day on which the offence occurs.


First offence – 15 min

Second offence – 30 min

Third offence – 45 min

Forth offence is disqualification


Note – The Time Penalty imposed on a particular day could result in a runner missing a cutoff and being disqualified.