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All entrants in the …………….. Ultra  must return one copy of this contract with their signature affixed, The Entry Form and The AWRL form, along with the AUD $100.00 Deposit, in order to secure a place on the starting line of the race. The purpose of this Entrant Contract is to emphasize the unique nature of this race, to make sure all entrants are aware of the race’s specific rules, and to ensure that all entrants understand what to expect.


1.    I have studied the General Rules and understand them thoroughly.  Additionally, I have made or will make those rules available for my support crew to study.  I understand that failure to abide by the rules will result in Time Penalties and/or Disqualification.


2.    I have or will obtain and organize a support crew and a four-wheeled vehicle to assist me throughout the race.


3.    I understand I must attend the Pre-Race Meeting which will take place on March 8th , 2003 at a venue near the Start (to be specified later) along with my support crew and crew vehicle.


4.    Along with this signed Entrant Contract, I am submitting the Deposit of AUD  $100.00 in order to secure my place in the ……….. Ultra 2003.  I understand that this entry position is non-transferable.  I also understand that the Deposit is refundable only until Dec 31st, 2002, upon written request. After Dec 31st and up to Jan 30th 2003 , competitors may withdraw and get full refund on production of a medical certificate. The full entry fee must be received by Jan 30th 2003 for runners to be accepted into the race. Any withdrawals after Jan 30th will receive a refund of 50% on production of a medical certificate only.   Finally, I will inform the race organizers immediately if I know I will be unable to compete.


5.    I fully understand that the Race management reserve the right to cancel the race and refund all monies received if 15 entrants aren’t nominated by the deposit closure date on Dec 31st 2003 and the full entry fee date on Jan 30th 2003 and all monies will be refunded if the race is cancelled due to lack of numbers.


6.    I will be sufficiently trained, prepared, and medically fit to compete in the event.  I understand that the extreme conditions in this race, including but not limited to temperatures in excess of 110F, wind, dust, tornadoes, widely varying altitude and busy roads make the risk of dehydration, altitude sickness, major skin damage, blistering, heat exhaustion, heat stroke, traffic accident, renal shutdown, brain damage, and death possible.






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